Treo Pro

The Palm Treo Pro just got unveiled to the world from a hidden flash presentation at the company’s site.  The Treo Pro presentation has been taken down but details are starting to spread across the Internet.  It reveals a Windows Mobile 6.1 GSM handset with 3G, a much slimmer body, superb image quality and a flush 320 x 320 touchscreen.

The Treo Pro also features WiFi, a 3.5mm headphone socket, microUSB connector, and microSD slot for memory cards.  The casing appears to be much palm_treo_pro_bottom_angleslicker than previous Treo smartphones, with the design an evolution of the Centro and the recent.

The QWERTY keyboard looks to be a development of that on the Centro, rather than the bowed ‘board of the Treo 800w.  No other details have been leaked, but this could certainly satisfy some of the complaints we had in our 800w review.

Make sure to check back here periodically for the latest buzz on the upcoming Palm Treo Pro smartphone! Unfortunately the Treo Pro’s price and release date wasn’t available at the time of writing this article.

For the Treo Pro, Accessories online store offer an entire list of accessories; everything from Treo Pro backup batteries to car accessories, chargers, cables, headphones, cradles, bluetooth accessories, and much more. The ratings list goes on and on, but basically, the primary purposes of Treo Pro accessories are to add functionality, such as where you can use it and what you can use it with, make some features easier to use, and extend the use of the Treo Pro.


PHONE Magazine is showing off twenty live photos of the Treo Pro from Chinese forum, together with more details of specifications. There are also interesting comparison photos of the Treo Pro alongside a Palm Centro and a Treo 650, showing the difference in size and thickness.

The Treo Pro is now rumored to have a 400MHz processor – with performance described as “snappy” – 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM. The navigationally challenged will be pleased to hear that the Treo Pro will have integrated GPS, together with triband 3G and quadband GSM for worldwide use.


Best of all, given our criticism in the recent Treo 800w review, is the inclusion of a microUSB port for recharging and hooking up to a computer. It’s about time that Palm junked their proprietary connector. More details over at My Tech Review Magazine.